4. Am I Set Up for Everything I Should Be?

You get set up for a program, you enter or select your payment info, and then you wonder if there is anything else to do, or if you are up to date with your payments.

An easy way to see if you have gotten set up for everything is to review your Enrolments tab. On it, you will see all the program enrolments for which your child(ren) has/have been enrolled into.

By looking at the Status column, you will see quickly whether all is well - that is, the status is 'Active'.

If you have not gotten set up for payment yet, you will see a message mentioning 'Pending Payment Setup' and a link to 'Setup Payment' below.

If you have already gotten set up for payment but your payment method failed, you will see a message mentioning 'Payment Method Failed' and a link to 'Update Payment Method' below. If your payment method keeps failing, send us an email at support@tuiopay.com so that we can investigate further.

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