3. Has My Payment Processed?

You get set up for a program, you enter or select your payment info, and then you wonder if it worked all right.

The first thing to know is that payments made by bank account take 3 days to be marked as Paid on TUIO, as it takes that amount of time for the banks to communicate back to us that payment was received (just like a cheque payment). This is true even if the funds have already left your account.

Credit card payments, however, are usually confirmed immediately and the invoice status will be updated to Paid right away. We make our users aware of this difference the first time they confirm a payment.

That being said, the best way to know where you are at with your payments is to go to your Invoices tab. There, you will see any invoice that is Paid, Failed, or in the process of getting paid.

An invoice for which payment has been confirmed looks like this:

An invoice with a payment in progress looks like this (note the 'Payment in Progress' note):

And finally, an invoice that has failed will be labelled in red:

As long as you follow what happens on your Invoices tab, you will always be up to date with your invoice payments.

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