Why is There a Service Fee on a Payment

In certain cases, you may see a service fee displayed on the Program tab you are getting set up for, or on the invoice directly. 

Service fees indicate that your school or daycare is passing on to you the expense they incur in processing online transactions.

We, Tuio, are not under any circumstances liable for any service fees, payment charges, surcharges, transaction fees, or fees of any nature, including in particular credit card service fees or surcharges, levied on and/or charged by any merchants (e.g. the legal entity or individual you are transmitting payment to via the use of our payment service), which you are asked to pay by any such merchants (“Facility Transaction Charges”).

The amount and rate of any such Facility Transaction Charges are determined by the merchants alone.

Note: parents are always welcome to share their feedback on service fees, but they should note that TUIO does not decide whether they get charged a service fee. What TUIO does do, however, is show you transparent pricing information at the time of setup so that you can make your own payment method choices.

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