Why Is There a Service Fee on a Payment

In certain cases, you may see a service fee displayed on the Program tab you are getting set up for or on the invoice directly. 

Service fees indicate that your school or daycare is passing on to you the additional expense they incur in receiving a credit card payment.

The average credit card market rate is between 3% and 4% of the amount processed*. TUIO will conveniently display that fee to you in a $ amount so that there is no math involved on your end to understand how much you are paying to use a given payment method.

Parent users who do not wish to incur a service fee at all can pay with their bank account, which is entirely free to them. 

*Payment by international cards may incur additional fees.

Note: parents are always welcome to share their feedback on service fees, but they should note that i) TUIO does not decide whether they get charged a service fee and ii) TUIO does not set industry credit card rates (credit card companies do). What TUIO does, however, is to show you the relevant pricing information at the time of set up in the most transparent way so that you can make your own decisions with regard to collecting card loyalty points vs. cost efficiency.

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