How do I Pay a Registration Fee Invoice

Registration fee invoices are often attached to a registration form that you would have filled out when given a link by the school. Often these fees are required by the school for them to review your registration/application and successfully enroll your student(s).

If you have filled out the form but did not confirm the payment at the same time as filling out the form, you may be wondering how to take care of the past due payment*.

How to Take Care of the Invoice

Click the 'Registrations' tab in your account and you will be able to see if any of the registrations require a fee. If so, click the specific registration number (in green) for that registration and you will arrive at the detail screen, where you can either select or add your card and make the payment. Once your card is selected, clicking Confirm will process the payment online.

Note: Since the registration fee is often time-sensitive and is often required to be paid online upon filling out the form, only credit cards are accepted to pay the fee on TUIO. For your convenience, in most cases there will be no service fee for this payment.

*The payment might not necessarily be past due if the school has informed you as such, or of a specific deadline to submit the payment. However, the system will consider it 'Past Due' since the payment was issued and due at the time of filling out the form. 

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